As you know, our motto is Honour, Preserve, Support. Which means we honour Veterans deeds, Preserve their Legacies and Support Military Museums and Charities. We do that by making content to publicise them that they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to produce themselves.

We obviously need an income to do that, and one way you can help is buy buying from our shop. Everything you spend here goes towards our mission of making more content that supports these vital institutions, so you can feel good whilst looking great in some of our awesome merch!

Many thanks for your support!

We have teamed up with Kombat UK - one of the Britain's top military importers. All their Kit is very reasonably priced and is properly "Gucci" to use a military slang term. In other words, its top quality...

We ail to get you your goods shipped within 3 working days of your order being submitted to us and cleared. For our terms and conditions, please click the link here:

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